How to Clean a Coffee Maker

Coffee brewed with a coffee maker is one of the most delicious things ever. A lot of coffee lovers decide to invest in a coffee maker—even if it’s a small one—to treat themselves with the best cup of coffee possible. However, taste may change over time.

As time goes by, coffee may start to develop a bitter taste. If this has ever happened to you, it may be time to clean your coffee maker. To avoid having to suffer a less-than-satisfactory cup of coffee, it’s important to properly clean your coffee maker as frequently as possible, to make sure your brewing remains delicious. Here are some of the best ways to keep your coffee maker clean in no time.

Removable Parts

Most coffee makers have removable parts. You can detach these parts and clean them individually with dish soap and water. Cleaning every removable part after each use is a good way to keep your coffee maker in excellent condition. Don’t forget to clean the warming plate and the machine’s exterior, as coffee may have spilled during the brewing process.

It’s also important to leave the water tank open so that it may dry completely between uses. Germs love a moist environment, so make sure you avoid leaving any water there.


Minerals in the water may accumulate in the internal motors of the machine over time. You may start noticing that coffee takes longer to start dripping into the cup. To make sure everything goes back to its normal functioning, it’s important to clean your coffee maker thoroughly. A great way to deep-clean your machine is using white vinegar.

Just fill the water tank with equal parts water/white vinegar. Then, put a paper filter in the empty basket. Let the machine sit, unplugged, for at least 30 minutes. After that, start the machine and, after the brewing process, get rid of the vinegar solution and the used filter. Rinse everything as thoroughly as possible.

Water Cycle

Once you’ve rinsed everything, it’s time to run a new water cycle. Fill the water tank with fresh water, without any vinegar. Start the machine and let the whole cycle run with just water. Repeat at least twice. Remember to let the machine cool down between cycles.

Rinsing and Drying

The last step is cleaning the machine’s exterior and washing the carafe and the filter basket. Don’t forget to make sure everything is dry before reassembling the coffee maker.

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