10 Dos and Don’ts to Use Your Rice Cooker Properly

Nowadays, a lot of people use an electric rice cooker on daily basis, an amazing appliance that delivers perfectly cooked rice without the hassle of having to watch over the pot! Here are ten useful tips for using your rice cooker properly:

1. If you’re using the cooker for the first time, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully before starting to cook to avoid damaging your appliance. 

2. Don’t keep your rice cooker near any water-based surfaces to avoid the risk of electric shock. 

3. After using the rice cooker, always clean the external surface and the inner parts, the pan and the lid to avoid any odor or corrosion.

4. Don’t overfill the pot. Pour water just until it reaches the scale detailed in the rice cooker or its instructions.

5. Don’t touch the external surface of the rice cooker or stand too close to it when it is being used, the hot temperature and steam may cause injuries.

6. If you spot any buildups inside your rice cooker, always use the cleaning products recommended by the company.

7. Don’t use sharp objects to remove food or buildups from the pan. It may damage the nonstick coating and glass. 

8. Don’t store food in the cooker, it may lead to bacterial growth. Make sure you transfer the food to an adequate food container once it has cooled down. 

9. Don’t start the rice cooker without the internal pot; it may damage the cooker. 

10. Always clean and dry the cooker completely before storing it away.

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