6 Reasons to Love Your Electric Griddle

An electric griddle is essentially a big, flat cooking surface. Most griddles have a nonstick coating, but they can also be made out of cast iron. Electric griddles have a heating component built in, and traditional griddles can be heated on the stovetop, usually over two burners.

electric griddle

What are griddles used for? 

Most people use their griddle to make breakfast foods like hotcakes, French toast, or bacon and eggs. However, if you use it for just making breakfast, you may be missing out on its many benefits. Since a griddle is basically a large level cooking surface, you can use it for all sorts of things.

The Benefits of an Electric Griddle 

Here are some benefits that will make you love your griddle:

1- Surface space:

Having a huge cooking area implies you can cook a lot of food on there at the same time, an important advantage over common frying pans that can only fit a few pieces. A big steak and a couple of tortilla quesadillas will fit there comfortably.

2- Flat surface:

The flat surface with no raised edges makes it easier to manipulate the food with a spatula. 

3- Even warming:

While a stovetop griddle may have a few cooler spots in the areas away from the stove burners, that’s not an issue with the electric griddle, it offers an even heat all throughout its surface.

4- Grease-free cooking:

There’s ordinarily a well around the griddle so that grease drips off and pools in it, reducing the fat content in your foods.

5- More space:

If you have an electric griddle, you just plug it in on the counter and free up your stovetop for something else. Griddles come in handy for big meals like Thanksgiving or Christmas to keep all the dishes warm.

6- Warming capacities:

You can put your electric griddle on a frame, so there’s a some space underneath it that gets warm when the griddle is in use. You can use that extra warmth in that space to warm plates or keep the first batches of food warm while you’re busy cooking the rest so you won’t even have to turn on the oven. 

Here are some delicious foods you can cook on a griddle: 



-Savory pancakes 


-Grilled cheese sandwiches 

-Falafel patties


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