8 Uses for Your Mini Food Chopper

When a recipe requires a lot of chopping and mixing, let the mini food chopper do the job. The mini food chopper, sometimes called mini food processor, is easy to handle, can be stored in tight spaces and doesn’t use up valuable counter space. Once you’ve found a mini food chopper that fits your needs, there are a number of ways to put that powerful small appliance to great use!

1. Guacamole:

Put some avocado into the mini food chopper and add lemon juice, dried onion powder and garlic salt for a super easy guacamole.

2. Baby food:

Cook some potatoes, apples, butternuts squash or anything your child wants. Let the food cool, and puree it in the mini food chopper until you get the right consistency. You can meal prep for the whole week: just put the baby food into an ice cube tray and freeze. When you want to use it, pop out the number of baby food cubes you’ll need and defrost them in the microwave. Just make sure you let the food cool down before feeding it to your baby!

3. Chopping veggies:

You can use the mini food chopper to chop any veggies like carrots, celery, peppers, onions, broccoli, garlic, or anything you would like to add to a serving of mixed greens, chili or a stew. Keep in mind that the edges work rapidly, so just a few seconds will give you larger pieces while holding the button for more time will puree the food.

4. Fruit smoothies:

In the mini food chopper, add yogurt, milk, veggie milk or water to some berries, banana, pineapple peach or any fruit you want to prepare a fast smoothie for one.

5. Chopping nuts:

You can use the mini food chopper to chop a few nuts and sprinkle them on a pudding. You can also prepare your own nut butter!

6. Homemade pesto:

Pesto and pasta are a match made in Heaven, and you can prepare some delicious pesto in no time with this resourceful little machine.

7. Chocolate chunks:

Chop chocolate bars in the mini food chopper and have chunks of chocolate ready for cookie recipes or ice cream sundaes.

8. Tomato salsa:

Just toss canned tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cilantro in the mini food chopper for some restaurant-worthy salsa!

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