8 Great Tips for Coffee Lovers

Coffee is so much more than just a hot beverage for a cold morning. A cup of coffee wakes us up and gets us through long work meetings. A cup of coffee is the perfect match for a slice of cake or a grilled cheese sandwich. Those of us who love coffee know just how important the right brewing technique is. Here are some tips that can help you make the perfect cup of coffee at home.

1. Use the appropriate coffee filter

Reusable or disposable, always try to buy the best quality available. Disposable filters usually trap more sediment, reducing the natural bitterness in coffee. This type of filters can be used with any grind size. Reusable filters are usually used for coarser grounds. These filters let more coffee oils drip through. So, if you like a stronger, full-bodied cup of joe, the reusable filter may be the right fit for you.

 2. Grind your own beans

There’s a reason why coffee lovers prefer whole beans: the aroma and flavors are stronger when you make your coffee from freshly ground beans. Try to buy locally roasted beans and grind the amount you need in a coffee grinder when you want to make some coffee. The fresher, the better.

3. Use the correct grind size

Grind size also plays a major role in flavor. Keep this phrase in mind: longer brewing, coarser grind. Coarse grinds are perfect for cold brewing and French press. Medium grinds are great for drip coffee makers. To make espresso or ristretto, go for fine grinds.

4. Store it properly

In order to keep your coffee fresh and flavorful for a longer period of time, store your coffee grounds or beans in an opaque sealed container and place it in a cool, dim spot at room temperature.

5. Don’t freeze your coffee beans

Although freezing coffee may sound like a good way to keep your coffee fresh, the cold temperature will actually break down the oils that give the beans their characteristic aroma and flavor. Also, coffee beans are porous once roasted, so storing coffee with other foods may alter its taste and smell. Stew-flavored coffee, anyone? 

6. Use the right amount of water

A lot of coffee makers use the standard “cup of coffee” that’s based on the 6-ounce English teacup. However, the standard American cup has 8 ounces. Keep this in mind when measuring the amount of water you need to brew your coffee.

7.  Don’t buy a lot of coffee at once

Coffee stays fresh for around two weeks once you’ve opened it. Try to buy small amounts of coffee to make sure your coffee is fresh while you finish each bag.

8. Temperature matters

Though it may sound weird, starting the brewing process with cold water makes the best hot coffee. Hot water may absorb more minerals when it runs through the water pipes, so cold water may be better to start with. Don’t worry, the coffee maker will bring the temperature right up to brew your coffee!

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