How to Use an Electric Skillet

Among kitchen utensils, the electric skillet is one that has become increasingly popular. Today we’ll talk about this type of skillet and how you can use it.

What’s an Electric Skillet?

The electric skillet is a practical and versatile kitchen appliance. You can use it to cook a wide range of dishes in different ways. If you take good care of your appliance, it will have a very long useful life. Some people think that cooking with an electric skillet means making fried, unhealthy dishes, but that’s not really the case. Nowadays, you can use this kitchen appliance to prepare all kinds of healthy and delicious meals.

Types of Electric Skillets

Since electric skillets have become more and more popular in different countries, there are plenty of different types on the market today. Let’s see the main types.

Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

Among electric skillets, the stainless steel skillet is one of the most popular types. Food doesn’t stick to its surface, making both cooking and cleaning a fuss-free experience. This skillet cooks food evenly, as the heat is distributed uniformly throughout the skillet.

Another advantage of the stainless steel electric skillet is that stainless steel doesn’t pit or scratch easily, making it a safe choice that significantly reduces the risk of food contamination. This type of skillet is very easy to clean and very practical for everyday cooking.

Electric Ceramic Skillet

This type of electric skillet is considered to be ecofriendly, so it’s very popular on the market. It has a non-stick surface, preventing food from getting stuck and making it easier to clean. This skillet cooks food evenly. And it’s perfectly dishwasher-safe.

Tips for Using an Electric Skillet

Though it depends on each model, electric skillets usually have a temperature control that allows you to change its temperature to better suit each preparation. Knowing the ideal cooking temperature for each food will help you set the skillet at the right temperature, getting better results than with traditional skillets.

You should try to avoid using metal utensils on this type of skillet. Instead, try to use plastic or wooden ones. It’s always important to read and follow the instructions of each appliance before using it.

Here are some more aspects to take into account when it comes to using an electric skillet:

  • Check that the connection cables are in good condition before using the skillet.
  • Check that all the handles are tightly attached to the skillet.
  • Let the skillet cool down before cleaning.
  • Avoid making sudden movements with the skillet if you are working with hot oil or fat.
  • Wait or use gloves to check the skillet’s temperature.

How to Choose an Electric Skillet


Before choosing an electric skillet for your home or food business, it’s important to decide what size and shape better suit your needs. It depends on the quantity and volume of the foods you’re going to make. Sizes range between 10 and 16 inches. You can find skillets in different shapes, like square, oval or rectangular.


Quantity and volume of the foods are not the only things you should take into account when you’re choosing an electric skillet. You should also consider the type of food you’re going to cook. If you want to cook meat or soup, you may need a skillet with a glass lid. It’s important to get proper advice before choosing the right skillet.


Even though temperature controls are a characteristic feature of electric skillets, not all skillets have the same controls. If you want to prepare simple recipes, an electric skillet with a simple high/low temperature control will probably be enough for you. However, if you’re going to cook more complex dishes, you may need a skillet with a temperature control that has a more specific set of temperature options. 

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