Are Juicers and Juice Extractors the Same Appliance?

Nothing like starting the day with fresh extract or juice of some fruit or vegetable. If you want to avoid buying your daily juice from the many shops offering fresh juices (and save a few bucks in the process!), you should consider purchasing a juicer or a juice extractor to have at home and make your own fresh juice everyday!

However, you may wonder, aren’t these the same appliance? The answer is no. Even though most people tend to think they are the same appliance, there are differences between what a juicer and a juice extractor can do.

electric juicer continental

These two distinctive appliances are both designed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Juicers obtain juice from mostly citrus fruits. Most juicers crush or press the pulp while spinning to force out fresh juice that goes through a simple filter.

On the other hand, juice extractors are designed to filter seeds, skins and pulp in order to deliver pure juice: you put the whole fruit in the juice extractor and you’ll get just juice. Juice extractors have blades that cut fruits and vegetables into pieces, then spin to separate seeds and skin from the juice. 

A simple juicer is not designed to differentiate between pulp, skin, seeds and juice, it is mostly used for citrus fruits and it cannot process the whole fruit to deliver the juice. This is the reason why juice extractors are more expensive than juicers: this appliance offers more options and it’s suitable for all fruits and vegetables.

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